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Our company has complete service system. Warranty period starts from the day when machine installation is completed. If the delivery time were delayed for more than 90 days as customer required, warranty period would start from the day when goods are sent out.

Pre-sales Service
1. Based on customer's purchasing quantity, we will offer quotation. Additionally, we will help the customer make analyses on capitalized cost, acquisition cost and operating cost.
2. Considering customers' requirements on using purpose, working environment and purchasing quantity of the product, we can recommend them several types of cost effective products for selection.
3. We will help customers make an engineering analysis and propose suitable reference working scheme free of charge.
4. Free technical staff training offered by our company is available.
5. We will design and produce individualized petroleum machinery according to the requirements of customers.

After-sales services

1. We will assign professional staff to offer remote guidance for installation free of charge.
2. We help customers work out the first working scheme.
3. Follow-up service in working hours is available.
4. We will call the customers to get their feedback every month.

You can dial the technical service hotline (You can find the telephone number on page “Contact Us”) to tell us what we can do for you. Then we will have contact with you to help you solve your problems within the service time regulated by the contract.

Service Specifications

1. On-site Service
If the problem cannot be solved through telephone, we will assign an engineer to offer on-site component repair service to make the equipment work again. We many also make some improvement to make the components work normally if necessary. The final power of interpretation of these actions belongs to Rongli.

2. Uninterruptedly Working
As soon as arriving at the working site of the customer, our engineer will start working uninterruptedly until the equipment can work normally again. If extra spare component or resource is needed, repair work may be stopped temporarily and continued until the spare component or resource is ready.

3. Spare Components and Materials
Rongli will provide all the necessary spare components and materials needed in repair to make sure the equipment will return to work normally. All the replaced components will be collected back by our company.

Way of Service and Service Limitation
1. We will offer service through various ways including telephone guidance, E-mail diagnosing, on-site adjusting and replacement parts posting. The actual way of service is at our discretion.
2. If there is no special regulation or arrangement, all the services including consulting service and on-site service are available with in the standard working time.