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Diaphragm Pump

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The diaphragm pump uses a membrane to separate the liquid being transported from components such as the pump cylinder, so as to prevent the components from being eroded, leaking of the liquid to be transported, environmental pollution and personal safety accident.
The diaphragm pump operates at an efficiency of 82-87% and the transport medium has a weight concentration of up to 75%, which saves water resources. Meanwhile, the discharge pressure of the diaphragm pump is as high as 25MPa, it can realize high-concentration medium transportation at a long distance, reduce the number of pumping stations, and greatly reduce engineering investment costs. In addition, this equipment consumes less power and saves operating costs by more than 50% compared to other traditional diaphragm pumps.

1. Mine: Long distance discharge for gold, silver, copper, iron, zinc and other tailings;
2. Coal and chemical industry: Conveying high concentration coal water slurry;
3. Alumina: Conveying high-temperature aluminum ore pulp, red mud, etc.;
4. Coal transportation through pipeline.

Technical Parameters
Item Parameters Note
Rated flow (Qn) 350 m³/h Volumetric efficiency: 0.92
Rated pressure (P) 9.5 Mpa
Piston diameter (D) 350 mm
Working condition piston force (F) 114.3 t Working condition coefficient: 1.25
Piston stroke (S) 510 mm
Rated cycles (N) 43 r/min
Main spindle power (P1) 1060.5 kw
Reference motor (W) 1120 kw Motor coefficient: 1.05
Electric rotating machine (N) 1500 r/min
Speed ratio (I) 31.5
Feed pipe diameter (D1) 350 mm
Discharge pipe diameter (D2) 250 mm
Dimension (LxWxH) 9x10x5.6m
Max lifting piece (G1) 18t
Nitrogen pack 2 pcs
Estimated total weight of pump (G) 140t
Accessories of diaphragm pump
  • Diaphragm
  • Cylinder liner
  • Check valve
  • Guard plate
  • Metal sleeve
  • Impeller
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