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Oil Pump Jack / Double Horse Head Pumping Unit

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The oil pump jack combines a common pumping unit with a front-mounted pumping unit to realize that one pumping unit can simultaneously perform oil extraction operations on two adjacent oil wells.
This double horse head pumping unit is suitable for medium viscosity and low viscosity crude oil, as well as high water content crude oil. Compared with the same type of single horse head pumping unit, the stroke is increased by about 70%, which improves the pumping efficiency. At the same time, the balance effect of this unit is better than the single-head one, so the power generated by the actual work can be reduced by 50%, and the energy consumption is also reduced by 20%-30%, which greatly saves the production cost.
The production of this pumping unit is strictly in accordance with API Spec 11E or Q/SL1316-2002 standards.

Technical Parameters
Model Polished rod load (KN) Max rod stroke (m) Rated torque of reducer (KNm) Dimension (L*W*H)(m) Distance between two wells (m) Optimum well spacing (m)  
SCYJ3-1.5-9HB 3 1.5 9 5*1.5*4.94 4.5-7 5
SCYJ6-2.5-26HB 6 2.5 26 5*1.92*5.8 5-7 6.3
SCYJ8-3-37HB 8 3 37 7*2.122*6.89 6-8 7.5
SCYJ10-3-48HB 10 3 48 7*2.215*7.2 6-8 7.5
SCYJ12-4.2-53HB 12 4.2 53 7.6*2.315*8.6 7-9 8.5

1. The well spacing is adjusted by stretching the beam, generally is used for well spacing between 6 and 13 meters.
2. This oil pump jack can be used for the oil extraction operation of the single oil well.
3. The trouble-free crank pin is used to avoid the falling off problem of the traditional crank pin and the overturning accident of the pumping unit.
4. Equipped with a motor base adjustment device to avoid hand injuries accident when installing the belt.

In December 2008, we tested a SCYJ-8-3-37HB double horse head pumping unit in the No.34-10 and No.+34-8 oil wells of Xinli Oil Production Plant in Jilin Oilfield. Then in the next 4 years of use, it only consumed 130.8 KWh per day, compared with the pumping units (206.69KWh per day) used before the test, it can save 76.89KWh per day on average, the power saving rate is 37.2%.

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