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Contact Person: Mr.Wang

Charity Activities

On May 19th, our company donated money to the disabled to help them recover.

On April 28th, 2012, our chairman made donation to a primary school in poor area together with the members of Class Ten of the Tsinghua University CEO training class.

In August, 2011, on behalf of the company, our chairman donated 100000 CNY to Qingzhou City Charity Hospital in the hospital's first anniversary celebrating party.

In June, 2011, our chairman raised donation from the society together with the members of enterprise management training class and held the "Heart-to-Heart Growth" charity activity beneficial to youth growth.

On the third Sunday in May, 2011, the China national day for helping the disabled, our company donated more than 300 wheelchairs to the disabled.

We contributed 200000 CNY to rebuild the martyr memorial hall of Duan Village. The completion ceremony was held in January, 2010.