Shandong Rongli Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd.
Add.: No. 3333, Northern Haidai Road, Qingzhou City, Shandong Province, China
Post Code: 262500
+86-400-860-1766 (service hotline)
Fax: +86-536-2130381
Contact Person: Mr.Wang

Successful Cases
  • In 2009, the brazilian customers were
    using our Model 30 truck-mounted rig
  • 70 LDB skid-mounted drilling rig in
    the testing site of our company
  • RL1300D triplex mud pump
    unloaded in the a well site in
  • Installation of ZJ30 skid-mounted
    drilling rig in Aktobe, Kazakhstan
  • Installation site in Qyzylorda,
  • Marine rig developed corporately
    with CNPC Bohai Drilling
    Engineering Company Limited
  • Customer from Turkish HEMA

  • Installation personnel in
  • RL-ZJ40J belt-transmitted
    skid-mounted drilling rig working
    in Kazakhstan
  • JZ40 skid-mounted drilling rig
    working in Dingnian County,
    Shanxi Province, China
  • RL-ZJ50L chain-transmitted drilling
    rig working in Shengli Oil Field

  • RLZJ30 skid-mounted drilling rig
    working in Atyrau, Kazakhstan
    in 2006
  • ZJ30 truck-mounted drilling rig
    working in the well site of
    Munayprom Company in
    Kazakhstan in 2007
  • ZJ30 truck-mounted drilling rig
    installation personnel in
    Munayprom Company of
    Kazakhstan in 2007
  • Installation site in Russia in 2007

  • Installation site for low
    temperature drilling rig in Russia
    in 2009
  • Installation site in Uzbekistan in

  • RL1300D triplex mud pump
    assembled in a well site of
  • RL1300D mud pump used with
    the 32 truck-mounted drilling rig
    exported to Kazakhstan produced
    by SJ Petroleum Machinery Co.,