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    1. F-Series Triplex Mud Pump

      Our F-series triplex mud pumps are designed and manufactured based on the American Emsco F-series mud pump strictly in accordance with API 7K specification. All of the expendable parts are interchangeable with any other similar spare parts produced according to API specification.

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    1. RL3NB Series Triplex Mud Pump

      The optimized design helps to improve the suction performance of our products and extend the service life of the expendable parts. Triplex mud pumps of the RL3NB series are produced and tested strictly in accordance with the SY5138 standard formulated by Ministry of Petroleum Industry of China.

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    1. Customized Mud PumpWe can design and manufacture customized pump used for mud drilling according to customer's requirement. We provide not only the mud pump itself, but also the power system and transmission system to make a pump package. After being assembled on the well site, the pump package is ready to work.
    1. Mud Pump Parts
    1. Oil Well Pump The belt pumping unit uses heavy-duty belt to transmit power, and its elastic buffering function can reduce the reversing impact of the pumping unit and make the sucker rod run smoothly.
    1. Oil Pump Jack The oil pump jack combines a common pumping unit with a front-mounted pumping unit to realize that one pumping unit can simultaneously perform oil extraction operations on two adjacent oil wells.
  • Diaphragm PumpThe diaphragm pump uses a membrane to separate the liquid being transported from components such as the pump cylinder, so as to prevent the components from being eroded, leaking of the liquid to be transported, environmental pollution and personal safety accident.
  • Other Drilling EquipmentIt provides electric power for the electric equipment on the well site and the living quarters
    It supplies purified compressed air for pneumatic control system.
    It is used to control and drive all the electric equipment in the well site.