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Other Drilling Equipment


Generator Room
It provides electric power for the electric equipment on the well site and the living quarters

Air Source Room
It supplies purified compressed air for pneumatic control system.

MCC Room
It is used to control and drive all the electric equipment in the well site.

Driller Cabin
It is equipped with the control panel for hydraulic system, pneumatic system and electric system, drilling instrument desk and the interior electric components control box. This cabin is the key to centralized control of the drilling rig.

Highly Installed Oil Tank
It is composed of the large tank and the elevated tank. Oil pump package, flow meter and liquid level meter are attached to the highly installed oil tank. The highly installed oil tank provides diesel oil for the diesel engines and electric generators in the well site.

Transmission System
It integrates and transmits the power generated by the engine to make the drawwarks, mud pump and rotary table work.

Hydraulic Casing Tong/Hydraulic Power Tong
It is a simple tool used to screw on or off the casing in petroleum drilling (workover) operations.


Hydraulic Power Station
It provides oil sources for the mobile oil cylinders, derrick buffering cylinder, hydraulic casing tong, hydraulic power tong, hydraulic cathead etc.

It is an essential tool used to hang, hold, hoist, and trip in the drill rod, casing pipe, oil pipe or the drill collar.

It is a tool used in petroleum drilling operation to mount or dismount the drilling components or the casing joints. The buckling size can be adjusted through switching the buckling circular bead.

Casing Tong
It is used to screw on or off the casing or the threads of casing joints.

It is a tool put into the rotary table bushing to lock and hang the drill string in well drilling.

Safety Clamp
It is used to hold and hang the flush joint pipe string and the drill collar.

Pneumatic Spider
It is used to hold the drill rod, oil pipe or casing in workover operations on oil fields.


Drilling Jar
When elastic elongation occurs to the drilling string due to tension, the drilling jar can accumulate elastic energy to jar. It is a tool used to relieve the jamming of a drilling tool to make the drilling process safe.

Surface Bumper Jar
It is one of the tools used for relieving the jamming of a drilling tool. It releases the jam by loosening the jamming point with intensively jarring force.

It is used for salvaging the drilling rod and the rod joints.

Junk Basket
A salvage tool used to collect the junk fragments into the basket making use of the reverse circulation of drilling fluid near the well bottom.

Mill Shoe
It is a tool used to grind the objects falling into the well and shear the fish top.

Drill Bit
It is used to break and shear the rock of the ground.


It is used to suspend the swivel and other drilling tools. It can also be used to suspend the lifting ring and the elevator in a round trip.

Solid Control Tank
It is equipment used to make up and purify drilling fluid.

It is the key component of the lifting system of a rig. It is also the core of a rig and plays an important role in well drilling.

It is a lifting tool used to hang the drill string and connect the water hoses in petroleum drilling and well workover.

Crown Block
It is assembled on the derrick. Together with travelling block, hook and drawworks, it can complete the operation of drill lifting and lowering.

Traveling Block
It is the traveling part of the hoisting system of a rig. It is connected to the crown block with steel wire ropes to achieve round trip operation.


Rotary Table
It is used to bear the weight of the drilling string and generate torque and rotary speed in drilling operations.

Drill Rod
It is a rod piece used to connect the drilling bit and transmit power.

Blowout Preventer Control Panel
It is equipment used to control the blowout preventer stacks and the hydraulic drive throttle valve.

Choke Manifold, Kill Manifold, Gate Group
They are accessories of the hydraulic blowout preventer. They are necessary devices for controlling the pressure in the well to avoid well kick.

Ram Blowout Preventer, Drilling Spool, Annular Blowout Preventer
If overflow or well kick occurs, the preventer will close the wellhead quickly and timely to prevent blowout accident.

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