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Truck-Mounted Drilling Rigs

This product is the truck-mounted drilling rig which has the highest drilling depth among the truck-mounted drilling machines we have produced. It is also the largest self-propelled light-duty drilling equipment in the world. Our product can be used in exploration engineering to drill oil wells with the depth lower than 4000m.

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1. Our truck-mounted drilling rig is designed with reliable double-engine parallel operation power system and compound transmission system made of gear transfer cases. The engines can work individually or in parallel according to practical need. This makes our drilling machine easy to maintain.
2. The 14×10 reinforced chassis with proper load distribution has strong cross-country capacity.
3. Thanks to special materials and unique structure, the 39m-high derrick, main frame and key accessories of our truck-mounted drilling rig are not only durable but also light-weighted. Thus our product is convenient to be moved.
4. The brake system of the drawworks is composed of a hydraulic disk brake as main brake and an Eaton pneumatically controlled water-cooling brake as auxiliary brake.
5. The foldable drill floor has stable structure and is easy to install.

Technical Parameters of RL-CZ40 Truck-Mounted Drilling Rig

Model RL-CZ40
Drilling depth (4-1/2" drill rod) (m)/(ft) 4000 (13120)
Workover depth (3-1/2" drill rod) m(ft) 7500 (24606) 2
Maximum hook load (kN)/(lb) 250 (505800)
Drilling line diameter (mm/in.)/Effective line quantity Ф32 (1-1/4")/10
Maximum hoisting speed of the hook (m/s)/(ft/s) 1.36 (4.46)
Overall dimension for removal (including derrick) (m)/(ft) 22.45×3.3×4.48 (73.65×10.8×14.7)
Weight (kg)/(lb) 82000 (180776)
Power system CAT C-16
Engine power kW(hp)/(2100r/min) 448×2 (600×2)
Hydraulic transmission box model ALLISON-S6610×2
Emergency power source (motor) Optional
Chassis driving mode 14×10
Minimum turning diameter (m)/(ft) 44 (144)
Minimum ground clearance (mm)/(in.) 340 (13.39)
Drawworks type Double rolling drums (single rolling drum)
Drawworks power (hp) 1000
Main rolling drum rope groove diameter × length (mm)/(in) Ф635×1254 (Ф25×49.4)
Main brake of the main rolling drum Hydraulic disk brake
Auxiliary brake of the main rolling drum WCB224 disk brake (new type)
Lifting gear number of the drawworks 5 forwards and 1 reverse
Derrick model (bimodal stretchable mast) JJ225/39-W
Derrick height (m)/(ft) 39 (127.92)
Racking platform height (m)/(ft) 20.4 (66.9)
Wind speed of operating environment (km/h)/(kn ) 110 (60)
Control/lighting /power circuit 24V/220V/380V (China)
Rated pressure of liquid level pressure system (MPa)/(psi ) 14/0.833-0.93 (2002/119.12-133)
Drill floor ZT3000/6.7-Z foldable drill floor
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