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Truck-Mounted Drilling Rigs

Our company provides RL-CZ10/20 self-propelled truck-mounted drilling rigs used for oil or water well drilling. The CZ10 drilling rig can be widely used to drill wells with the depth lower than 1000m. The CZ 20 one is suitable for drilling wells with the depth lower than 2000m.

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1. With the power system, drawworks, derrick, traveling block system and the transmission system amounted on the self-propelled chassis, our product has the characteristics of easy removal with low cost, reliable performance, heavy operating load capacity and strong cross-country power.
2. The overall design and basic parameter of our truck-mounted drilling rig conform to the standard of SY/T5202-2004.
3. Key parts including the derrick, pedestal, drawworks, traveling block, hook, crown block, drilling swivel, rotary table and mud pump comply with the API specifications and the requirements of HSE. All the key parts have been punched marks of the API and the HSE.
4. Our truck-mounted drilling rig is developed with mature and reliable technologies. Core components such as diesel engine and transmission box are made by world-leading manufacturers like Caterpillar and NYSE: CMI. Components installation is conducted in accordance with the standard of their original manufacturers.

Technical Parameters

Model RL-CZ10 RL-CZ20
Structure type Self-propelled Self-propelled
Drilling depth (m) (5" drill rod ) 1000 2000
Workover depth (m) (3 1/2" drill rod ) 3200 5300
Maximum hook load (kN) 900 1580
Hook speed (m/s) 0.2-1.4  
Derrick height 29 35
Engine model CAT3406B CAT3412BDITA
Engine power 268.5 485
Hydraulic transmission box model CLBT5961 CLBT6061
Transmission mode Hydraulic + Mechanical Hydraulic + Mechanical
Travelling system 4×3 5×4
Main drilling line diameter Φ26 Φ29
Travelling block hook model YG90 YG135/YG160
Swivel model SL115 SL135/SL160
Rotary table model ZP175 ZP175
Chassis model /Driving mode XD40/8×6 XD60/12×8
Approach angle / departure angle (°) 25°/16° 26°/18°
Minimum ground clearance 290 311
Maximum gradeability 30% 26%
Minimum turning radius (m) 14 19.2
Overall dimension for removal (mm) 16.7×2.8×4.3 20.5×2.8×4.45
Weight of main frame 42000 55000
Weight of accessories (kg) About 15000 About 25000
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