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Skid-Mounted Drilling Rigs

The ZJ70 skid-mounted drilling rig is suitable for drilling wells with the depth limited within 7000m. Customers can use this drilling equipment in different environments like shallow sea areas, beaches, desert and districts with low temperature according to their practical needs.

1. The drawworks and mud pump of our skid-mounted drilling rig adopt hydraulic and compound chain transmissions. 3 sets of A12V190PZL-3 diesel engines and their hydraulic couple reduction gearbox together form the power units. The power unit is assembled on the pedestal of the backstage drill floor. Parallel compounded by multi-axis integral chain boxes, the power unit will drive two sets of 1600hp mud pumps respectively by two cardan shafts. The compound boxes and the input end of the drawworks are butted by butt joint chain box. The drawworks is assembled on the pedestal for drawworks in a low position.
2. A hydraulic disk brake is installed on the drawworks. The drawworks has the functions of automatic bit feeding with constant pressure, metical and electric collision protection, and emergency operation.
3. The rotary table is powered by a 400V AC variable frequency motor whose rated power is 600kW and driven by a double-gear gearbox. Stepless speed regulation is available to the rotary table. Thus our skid-mounted drilling rig can meet the drilling requirements of large torque and high speed.
4. The derrick is in K-shape. With the stand bar assembled on the pedestal under the substructure of the skid-mounted drilling rig, the derrick can keep steady in operation and can be lifted with power provided by the drawworks.
5. The spinning-lifting drill floor is 10.5m in height. On the drill floor there are the rotary table with its driving devices, hydraulic cathead and the pneumatic winch. The key components of the drill floor can be assembled in a low position and then hoisted integrally with power provided by drawworks.
6. Our skid-mounted rig is equipped with a VFD system and MCC system. The VFD system and the MCC system are respectively used to control the AC variable frequency motor for rotary table and the variable frequency motor for automatic bit feeding.

Technical Parameters

Nominal drilling depth 4500-7000m (drill rod:114mm)
4000-6000m (drill rod:127mm)
Maximum hook load 4500kN
Hoisting rope system 6×7; Successively twined
Rated power ofdrawworks 1470kW (2000hp)
Diameter of drilling wire rope Φ38mm
Opening diameter of rotary table 950mm (37 1/2")
Gear number of rotary table One gear
Drilling pump quantity and power 2×1600hp
Gear number ofdrawworks 6 forward+2 reverse
Substructure height and clearance height under rotary table beam 9m; 7.6m 10.5m; 9m
Derrick shape and effective height K-shape; 45m
Transmission mode Hydraulicand compound chain transmission+AC-VFD-AC
Main diesel engine quantity and power 4×810kW
Auxiliary generator set quantity and power 3×400kW
Maximum weight of drill string 2200kN
High pressure mud manifold Φ102mm (drift diameter)×35MPa
Effective volume of solid control system ≥320m3
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