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Skid-Mounted Drilling Rigs

ZJ30 skid-mounted drilling rig is suitable for drilling wells in the depth lower than 3000m. It can work in different sort of environments like shallow sea areas, beaches, desert and cold areas.

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1. The key components of this machine are driven by mechanical transmission. The whole machine is a highly cost effective product which is easy to operate and maintain.
2. The drawworks is mainly driven by sealed chain transmission system supplemented with an auxiliary driving device used to hoist the derrick in emergency situations. Designed with an integrated compound chain transmission case, the drawworks features low failure rate, easy operation and maintenance.
3. This skid-mounted rig is equipped with an integrated control cabin for the driller to take charge of most of the operations. Since the control cabinet is assembled on the drawworks-fixed water tank, negative influence on the instrument and control components in the control cabin caused by drill floor vibration will be reduced.
4. With proper overall structure, our skid-mounted drilling rig can meet the need of integral hoisting as well as removal in block by train or automobile.

Technical Parameters

Nominal drilling depth 3000m (drill rod:114mm)
2500m (drill rod:127mm)
Maximum hook load 1700kN
Rope system of travelling system 5×6; Successively twined
Rated power of drawworks 560kW
Gear number of drawworks 4 forward+2 reverse
Diameter of drilling wire rope Φ29mm
Opening diameter of rotary table 520.7mm (20 1/2")
Gear number of rotary table 4 forward +2 reverse
Drilling pump quantity and power 1×1300hp pump
Substructure Box-on-box type
Substructure height and clearance height under rotary table beam 5.5m; 4.5m
Derrick shape and effective height K-shaped; 41m
Transmission mode Hydraulic transmission and compound chain transmission
Main diesel engine quantity and power 2×810kW
Auxiliary generator set quantity and power 2×400kW
High pressure mud manifold Φ103mm (drift diameter)×35MPa
Effective volume of solid control system 245m3

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