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Skid-Mounted Drilling Rigs

The ZJ15 skid-mounted drilling rig is a mechanical drive drilling machine designed for coalbed methane well, geothermal well and water well exploitation. Its basic parameters conform to the China national standard of SY/T5600-1999 (Types and Basic Parameters of Petroleum Drilling Machines). Its auxiliary parts complying with specification of API can meet the different drilling technical requirements. The ZJ20 skid-mounted drilling equipment is an improved product developed based on the ZJ15 model. It is suitable for exploiting oil, gas, and water well with the depth of 800m-2000m.

1. This machine adapts a hydraulic transmission box featuring small size, light weight, easy shift and stable working performance.
2. Our product is designed with an A-shaped derrick. There is wide operating space and open visual field around the wellhead. Thus our drilling machine is safe in use.
3. This skid-mounted drilling rig has a quick-mounted substructure. The whole machine can be trailed and moved easily.
4. Rotary table, drawworks, and rectangular transfer case are mounted in the same base. Since the base is connected to the bottom of the drilling machine, extra conveying unit is not necessary. This integrated structure also avoids mounting and dismounting of the transmission devices when moving or installing the whole drilling machine. In this way, original setting accuracy of the transmission chain is guaranteed.

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