Oil Rig and Triplex Mud Pump

RONGLI Petroleum Machinery is best known for the outstanding performance of its drilling rigs and mud pumps. Remember to browse the online catalogue for excellent deals on the fracturing pump, skid-mounted drilling rig, and much more! RONGLI--deep penetration begins here.

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  • Advantages
  • Generally speaking, 90% of the petroleum machinery manufacturers now work as "assembly workshops". That is to say, those manufacturers do not have the ability to manufacture petroleum machinery independently. They just purchase components and assemble them together to make petroleum equipment. Different from those "assembly workshops" manufacturers, Rongli is capable to produce entire petroleum machinery including the eight major systems independently.

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  • Development History
  • On August 8th, 2002, we set up our company named Qingzhou Rongli Machinery Co., Ltd. Our plant was in the rented foundry workshop of the original canvas factory located on Eastern Yaowangshan Road. With registered capital of 500000 CNY, our company had only 7 employees and some simple equipment at that time.

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    1. ZJ50 Skid-Mounted Drilling Rigs

      Including models of ZJ50/3150D and ZJ50/3150L, our ZJ50 series skid-mounted drilling rigs can be used to drill wells with the depth not exceeding 5000m. Based on the practical need of customers, they can work in shallow sea areas, beaches, deserts cold areas, etc.

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    1. ZJ70 Skid-Mounted Drilling Rigs

      A hydraulic disk brake is installed on the drawworks. The drawworks has the functions of automatic bit feeding with constant pressure, metical and electric collision protection, and emergency operation.

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    1. RL-CZ30 Truck-Mounted Drilling Rigs

      The auxiliary brake of the drawworks is pneumatically controlled water-cooled disk brake.
      Our truck-mounted drilling machine is equipped with a derrick made of rectangular tubes in the thickness of 36m or 38m.

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    1. RL-CZ40 Truck-Mounted Drilling Rigs

      The brake system of the drawworks is composed of a hydraulic disk brake as main brake and an Eaton pneumatically controlled water-cooling brake as auxiliary brake.
      The foldable drill floor has stable structure and is easy to install.

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    1. F-Series Triplex Mud Pump

      Our F-series triplex mud pumps are designed and manufactured based on the American Emsco F-series mud pump strictly in accordance with API 7K specification. All of the expendable parts are interchangeable with any other similar spare parts produced according to API specification.

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    1. RL3NB Series Triplex Mud Pump

      The optimized design helps to improve the suction performance of our products and extend the service life of the expendable parts. Triplex mud pumps of the RL3NB series are produced and tested strictly in accordance with the SY5138 standard formulated by Ministry of Petroleum Industry of China.

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